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About Us

A leading team of email and technology experts.

About us

From the team that brought you - 



Hey, we are Mailyser.

It all began when a valued client asked: "how can we actually measure our email deliverability reputation?"
We scoured the market for a solution - but found none that met our needs. Faced with this void, we rolled up our sleeves and embarked on a journey to create our own.

Over a year of relentless dedication and innovation, our team of email experts built a solution for the customer. They loved it, and still use it today - and the Mailyser platform was born.

The Team

Pepe Del Castaño

Co-founder of Another Acquisition. Owner, Developer and Operator of Mailivery (mail-warmer), Nyxion (mass email sending), Personaliser (email personalisation) - and email fanatic!

Ex tech Fund investor.

Pepe likes Skiing and Atletico de Madrid


Alex Gabriel


Co-founder of Another Acquisition. Owner, Developer and Operator of Mailivery (mail-warmer), Nyxion (mass email sending), Personaliser (email personalisation)- and tech enthusiast!

Ex Impact fund investor.

Alex likes surfing and the Los Angeles Lakers (sometimes).


Matt Hayes


Tech entrepreneur, business owner and beach enthusiast. Previously CEO & co-Founder of email personalisation platform Kickdynamic that exited to Litmus in 2021. Email expert with 15 years experience working with brands to generate more revenue from their email marketing campaigns.

Matt likes travelling and spending time with his Family.

How it Works:

1) Connect any email address you for your teams use for sending email campaigns:

Our delivery and content algorithms support any domain, from the biggest senders to your personal servers.

2) Send an Email to our AI powered network of statistically significant emails:

Our system is powered by a real distributed network of emails, and our algorithms monitor back-end reception.

3) Our search algorithms scan every database to track your entire digital footprint:

We analyse mail-servers, IP's, back end configuration and online databases to provide an actionable delivery score.

4) Our content algorithm will revise your email copy and structure for maximum delivery:

Our algorithms use advanced SPAM metrics to qualify your content and make suggestions how to improve.

5) Stack tests after making changes to benchmark your deliverability before every campaign:

Test your and improve you SPAM and content before every campaign to ensure maximum deliverability.

6) Track your domain reputation over time and listen to our best practices to always deliver:

Revise your metrics over time and speak to our in-house experts to ensure you land where you expect. 

Our systems were designed by leading experts of email delivery tools

📩Lets change email deliverability forever

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