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Why Mailyser is the Ideal New Home for Former Kickbox Customers. 🚀

Hi guys, Pepe here from Mailyser. Last month, news broke that Kickbox was no longer planning on offering email deliverability tools to its customers. Although this might seem like a shock to many, here at Mailyser we are not surprised given the complexities of managing a deliverability tool and the constant changes and new regulations that come into effect, as well as how tough it has become to navigate the deliverability market and avoid SPAM traps. 

This is why at Mailyser, we leverage our Machine Learning algorithms to offer users the best experience and highest accuracy in terms of product placement, SPAM score and content analysis.

Given that Kickbox deliverability is shutting its doors to customers, we are going to go ahead and analyze other alternatives – and explain why we think Mailyser is the best tool in the market. Let's dive in. 

Why Deliverability is more important than ever. 

The email landscape is rapidly evolving, and the industry is as relevant as ever given its huge ROI and personalization capabilities. Inbox providers such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo work tirelessly to improve the user experience of their products, meaning that they are becoming more and more stringent on what type of campaigns you can send to their users. 

As such, the effectiveness of email marketing hinges on deliverability – the critical measure of an email's ability to reach the intended inbox without being sidelined as SPAM or undelivered.

The Search for Reliable Deliverability Monitoring Tools. 

With Kickbox exiting the deliverability monitoring scene, the search for robust and reliable alternatives is more important than ever. There are different vendors who offer solutions to ensure your emails not only reach the inbox but also engage and convert.

Deliverability isn't just about avoiding SPAM filters; it's a complex interplay of sender reputation, inbox placement rates, and engagement metrics. Tools that provide visibility into these factors enable marketers to fine-tune their strategies, ensuring their messages resonate with their audience.

The current landscape. 

Exploring alternatives post-Kickbox involves assessing solutions across several dimensions: core functionality, integration capabilities, user experience, and cost-effectiveness. Let's delve into a few notable options:

1. Email Industries

Email Industries has a more generalist approach, offering not just tools but a partnership in deliverability optimization. It's distinguished by its global email testing, deliverability experts, and analytics, catering to brands seeking a hands-on, strategic ally for their email marketing. They are more of an option if you are looking for an agency and tool to help deliverability. 

2. MailMonitor

MailMonitor has more monitoring prowess, as it provides insights into deliverability metrics. While it leans towards a more technical audience, its integration-friendly nature and focus on actionable data make it a decent option for businesses with in-house deliverability expertise.

3. Sendforensics

Focused on deliverability testing and analytics, Sendforensics offers deep dives into email performance. Its strengths lie in their testing capabilities and real-time alerts, although its more technical orientation presents a very long learning process for its users.

4. Everest by Validity

Validity's Everest platform is a comprehensive suite for deliverability and email marketing success, offering predictive analytics, campaign previews, and reputation management. Its breadth and depth make it suitable for larger organizations with dedicated resources for email marketing. However, it takes a very long time to implement, it is a complex software to use and is extremely expensive in comparison with its peers. 

5. GlockApps

For those prioritizing straightforward, essential deliverability tools, GlockApps provides a cost-effective solution. While it covers the basics well, its feature set and ISP monitoring may fall short for users seeking more advanced insights and global reach.

How Mailyser stands out from the rest. (Read more here)

Mailyser's foundation is built on enhancing email deliverability. We offer detailed insights into inbox placement, sender reputation, and infrastructure health. By doing this, we ensure that your emails bypass spam filters and reach your audience. Mailyser’s razor sharp focus on deliverability is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain high engagement rates in their email marketing efforts​​.

Mailyser goes beyond basic deliverability metrics by incorporating advanced AI algorithms for content analysis. This means that you are not only informed about where your emails land (inbox, spam, or promotions) but you also get actionable advice on how to improve email content for better engagement and conversion rates.

The inception of Mailyser is rooted in a genuine need within the email marketing industry for a tool that accurately measures and enhances email deliverability and reputation. Its development team includes co-founders with a deep history in email marketing and technology, such as those from Kickdynamic, showing a legacy of innovation and success in the field​​.

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, Mailyser's services are designed to cater to a wide range of email senders. With its AI-powered network of statistically significant emails and real-time monitoring of email reception, Mailyser ensures that every campaign you launch is optimized for the best possible deliverability​​. (link)

Mailyser stands out for its commitment to continuous improvement and support. By offering real-time analytics, detailed reporting, and actionable insights, it empowers businesses to monitor their email performance actively and make informed decisions to enhance their email strategy over time​​.

Mailyser's dedication to its clients' success is further evidenced by its rich resource hub, which includes weekly updates on everything email-related. This commitment to education and transparency ensures that businesses have the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their email marketing initiatives​​. (link)


For former Kickbox customers searching for a new platform that offers unparalleled email deliverability, content optimization, and a wealth of industry expertise, Mailyser presents an attractive solution. With our AI-driven approach, comprehensive features, and strong foundation in email marketing excellence, we are best positioned to help businesses achieve their email marketing goals and drive meaningful engagement with their audience.

Book a time with Me, Alex or Matt using our calendly link here if you want to learn more about deliverability, Mailyser, new SPAM regulations, partnership or have a chat in general!

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