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New updates from GMail & Outlook (big changes!) 😳

Hey Mailyser friends! 🌟 We've got some hot news from the email world that you definitely need to check out! 📧 This February, Google and Yahoo are shaking things up for everyone sending out bulk emails. 🚀📬

So, what's cooking? 🤔 Google's putting the spotlight on folks who send over 5,000 emails to Gmail addresses in a single day. Yup, that's a lot of emails! And it's not just about the number; they're focusing on three big things: making sure emails are really from you (authentication), keeping spam complaints low, and making unsubscribing a breeze. 🌈✅

What are the new updates concerning email marketers?

Authentication Game Strong 💪: Google's asking everyone to follow some top-notch practices for verifying email senders. There are three superheroes in this story: SPF (preventing domain spoofing), DKIM (digital signatures for your emails), and DMARC (telling you what happens when emails fail the checks). You gotta have all three set up by February 1st! 🛡️🔐

Spam Rates on the Radar 📊: Google's watching that spam rate like a hawk! Keep your spam complaints below 0.10% in their Postmaster Tools, and definitely don't hit 0.30% or more. Remember, it's all about how much value your readers think they're getting from your emails. 📉💬

Unsubscribe Made Easy 👋: Google wants those marketing emails to have super-simple, one-click unsubscribe options. Dana Carr from Optimove says it's all about focusing on quality over quantity. Think about tailoring your content and not just blasting out to a huge list. 🎯💌

But wait, there's more! 🌟 These rules don't just apply to marketing emails. They're for all emails sent using your domain, which includes your sales team's cold emails too. It's crucial for marketing and sales to work together on this. 🤝📊

Why all these new rules?

🤷 Well, spam's not just annoying; it's a big security risk. Google's also trying to protect their ad revenue and keep our inboxes relevant and valuable. 🛡️💸

What about Google Workspace inboxes? 🏢 There's a bit of a grey area here, and Google hasn't made it crystal clear if these rules apply to them too. So, keep your eyes peeled for more updates on that! 👀

How can Mailyser help?

📩 Mailyser is your go-to for ensuring your emails are warmly received! It's like having a personal coach for your emails, guiding them to land gracefully in the inbox and not trip into the spam folder. We offer:

DNS Diagnostics 🏎: Make sure that as a sender your reptuation is pristine, by making sure that you are compliant with the new 2024 regulation. Send an email to our network of +500 emails to see how your emails are performing, and get back actionable insights regarding SPF, DKIM and DMARC set up from our AI powered algorithms. 🔒

This will allow you to stay on top of your game and make sure that you keep landing in the primary inbox across all of your senders. Don't get caught out! ✌🏼

SPAM Score Analysis: Use Mailyser to stay on top of your domain health and reputation by testing ou t your SPAM score using our proprietary tech 🧿. Mailyser will provide you a SPAM score, with actionable insights to improve it to ensure maximum deliverability 💻.

Content Analysis: We also analyze the content of your emails, including images, texts and attachements and give you back some tips on how to improve and avoid Outlook and GMail's SPAM algos 👌🏼.

Email Deliverability Insights: Test out your campaigns to preview how your campaign is going to perform once live, with an overview of Mailbox distribution including Primary, Promotions, Junk and SPAM hit rates 👻.


So there you have it, Mailyser family! Time to get your email game on point and make sure you're ready for these new rules. Let's make our emails shine and stay ahead of the game! 🌟🚀 #EmailMarketing #GoogleUpdates #StayInformed

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